Monday, May 11, 2015

We Take Mother's Day Seriously

To say Mother's Day is a pretty big deal in my household is liking saying football is a pretty big deal in Texas. The kids go NUTS.

Alice couldn't sleep on Saturday night because she was so excited about Mother's Day. She and Elliot got up at 6 a.m. the next morning, like it was Christmas, and immediately tried to wake me up too.

There was breakfast in bed, several homemade cards, a Mother's Day play and a picnic. I tried to capture it all in this video...

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I think the kids get excited because (a) they love their mom, but also (b) they feel like this is a holiday where they control what happens. And they take that very seriously.

The play was called "Dracula vs. Pirate Princess" (or if you asked Alice, "Pirate Princess vs. Dracula"). It didn't have a mother theme, but the kids were thrilled to do something special for their mom.

Kelly probably would prefer that the children actually listen to her occasionally, rather than putting on a Dracula play. But it was still pretty sweet.