Saturday, February 21, 2015

PSA Warns Against Using Overly Popular Baby Names

This fake PSA from the Nickmom site addresses the topic of overused baby names.

I like the reveal at the end about the 40-year-old Jennifers, but I'm not sure this is really that big an issue in 2015.

As baby-name watchers know, names are far more widely distributed today than they were in previous decades. There will probably never be another Jennifer (a name that is so utterly dominant in every state for 15 years).

That said, we have encountered quite a few Sophias and Jacks in our social circle. And Lucy is surprisingly popular in the neighborhood. Another Lucy recently joined Elliot's class, bringing the total number we know to at least four or five.

We hardly know any Olivias, though, which shows you that's it's all a crapshoot. It's probably best to pick a baby name you like and not worry about what the crowd will do.