Sunday, January 04, 2015

The First Snow of 2015

After last year's blizzard-filled winter, this season has been a bit of a letdown. There hasn't really been any significant snow, despite a fair bit of cold weather.

In my book, snow is one of the best things about living in New York. It obscures the city's blemishes and transforms the metropolis into a gleaming powdery paradise. And unlike people who live in the suburbs, we don't have to shovel it! (That may be the best part, actually.)

So we were pretty excited yesterday when we thought we were going to get some accumulation. But despite the white stuff coming down pretty hard for a while, it just turned into a slushy mess.

That didn't stop us from going outside to attempt a snowball fight.

The excursion ended abruptly when Alice reached into a pile of not-so-frozen dog poop. (For better or worse, I didn't capture this on film.)

Oh well, at least the kids made some memories (even if it was just of their dad being overly enthusiastic about something lame).