Thursday, January 08, 2015

Roosevelt Island Returns to Gotham

Back in 2012, I was amused to see Roosevelt Island get a cameo in "The Dark Knight Rises." It was meant to be part of Gotham, not New York City, and the film digitally altered the surrounding areas to remove part of Queens and the entirety of the Bronx.

Well, Roosevelt Island is once again serving as the backdrop for Gotham. This time they're shooting scenes for the show "Gotham," which is set in the days before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. The Roosevelt Islander blog has the story.

"Gotham" director Jeffrey Hunt has been posting Instragrams about the all-night shoot, which is unfortunately occurring during 17 degree weather.

A photo posted by Jeffrey Hunt (@huntvision) on

I only hope the Bronx isn't digitally destroyed this time. (Well, maybe just Yankee Stadium.)