Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good News for Parents Who Like to Dupe Their Children

We just got finished tricking the children into believing in Santa Claus and peripatetic elves, but we've already moved onto the next ritual: tricking them into believing it's midnight on New Year's Eve.

You see, we parents enjoy celebrating the New Year with our children, but we do not enjoy having said children stay up until 12 a.m.

The process of having midnight come early was a lot easier when Elliot was 3 years old and couldn't tell time...

These days, we have to be a little more creative in convincing the kids that the festivities are over and they should go to bed.

Fortunately, there's a new option, the Huffington Post reports:
Netflix on Monday released a video that will help you trick your kids into thinking that it's midnight on New Year's Eve at any time. It's called "King Julien New Year's Eve Countdown." 
The animated three-minute video features King Julien, a lemur from the "Madagascar" movie series (as well as a Netflix original series, "All Hail King Julien"). 
"Is it almost midnight yet?" King Julien asks. "Who cares? It's midnight somewhere! That means it's time for the New Year's countdown!" 
Thirty-six percent of parents in the U.S. said they would be willing to search for a countdown in a different time zone in order to celebrate New Year's earlier, and 22 percent said they would even stage their own countdown, according to a survey by Wakefield Research on behalf of Netflix.
I have friends who have used the overseas countdown as a tactic. The Netflix thing seems like it will be even more effective and represents a true public service. (I guess I can finally forgive Netflix for removing "Party Down" from its library.)