Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Visit to the North Pole, via Bloomingdale's

Today we took the kids to a department-store Santa for the first time. We opted for Bloomingdale's — rather than Macy's — because it's closer and less crowded.

The experience was actually fairly pleasant. Despite showing up with no reservation, the wait was less than an hour. To help pass the time, they offered cookies and coloring books.

Elliot is on the verge of not believing in Santa. (The first line of his letter to the North Pole this year was, "Dear Santa: Are you real?") I would think the idea of visiting Saint Nick in a department store would fuel disbelief. I mean, why would Santa choose Bloomingdale's to make his grand appearance? But if so, Elliot didn't let on.

Alice, meanwhile, took the Santa experience by the horns. While we were waiting, she took as many cookies as she could, played hide-and-seek inside the clothing racks and had to be dragged back to her spot in line.

"Hi Santa, I'm Alice!" she shouted from across the children's department.

Given the general havoc she was causing, it probably would have been better to stay anonymous.