Saturday, November 29, 2014

South Philly: a Photo Essay

We celebrated Thanksgiving in South Philadelphia, where I got a new perspective on the city. I haven't spent much time here since the 1990s, and even then my trips to South Philly didn't extend beyond getting cheese steaks or visiting South Street (ironically, South Street is the northern edge of South Philly).

My brother lives near Passyunk Avenue, a delightful mix of offbeat bars and shops, along with frozen-in-time Philadelphia retail (for instance, a store selling hearing aids that looks like it opened when hearing aids meant this).

Several of the cafes and stores were covered in mosaic tile. There are murals everywhere, flaming barrels at the Italian market and the beautiful decay that makes Philadelphia so wonderful to photograph.

In short, Passyunk is probably quirkier than 90 percent of Manhattan. Everyone in this neighborhood should have an Instagram account and 10,000 followers.

Hope to be back soon.

Of course, coming home across the Verrazano Bridge last night and seeing lower Manhattan gleaming against an early nightfall, it was hard to argue our home city isn't pretty photogenic too.