Sunday, November 02, 2014

Shittens, You Have Found Your Target Market

There's a new brand of mitten-shaped moist towelettes called Shittens, and it's available on Amazon. I can't really tell if this is a gag product or not (the fact that it was launched on the Howard Stern show gives me pause), but I want it.

With three kids, I struggle to clean bottoms without using a ton of wipes — and even then, I can't always contain the poop. Shittens would really boost my confidence.

However, based on the Amazon reviews, people don't appear to be taking Shittens seriously.

"Gave me my life back...every day of my life has been an unending struggle with the anguish brought on me by horrendous shitwrist! But now I have the strength to face the day thanks to these amazing poop gloves." 
"Finally!!! A wet wipe to accommodate my opposable thumb!!!" 
"Two (no longer brown) thumbs up!!"

For me, a couple concerns might hold me back from becoming a Shittens customer.

1. Even at the discounted Amazon price of $15.95, that's almost a dollar per Shitten. Considering how much poop flows through this household, I'm not sure that's economical for us.

2. Now that our 6-year-old can read, I might not want to leave these in the kids' bathroom.