Monday, November 10, 2014

A Return to Socrates Sculpture Park

The great thing about Socrates Sculpture Park, the outdoor museum in Queens, is there's always something new to see.

"Balance" by Kimberly Mayhorn

It's been a while since we were there last — I previously blogged about it in November 2012 — so I figured I'd take the kids for another visit (it was the first trip for Lucy, who's never explored this part of Queens).

"What's Progression" by Fitzhugh Karol

Here's a sampling of what we saw.

"Homeland" by Edward Schexnayder

"SkyWatch Spider" by Zaq Landsberg

"Portal" by Amanda Long

"Moon Lasso" by Dane R. Winkler

"Far From This Setting in Which I Now Find Myself" by Meredith James

"06.Sixt_een. O four" by David Wilson

"Solos" by Jordan Griska

"Corner" by Eto Otitigbe