Thursday, October 02, 2014

Celebrating Giants Baseball in New York

The San Francisco Giants blew out the Pittsburgh Pirates last night in a one-game playoff, meaning they now advance to the National League division series against the Washington Nationals.

New York Giants caps, circa 1941 (left) and 1947-1957 (right).

As I've mentioned before, it's not always easy to root for the Giants here in New York. First of all, you have to constantly clarify that you don't mean the football team. And even when San Francisco makes it to the World Series, you have to watch it on a little television in the corner of the bar.

When I moved to the Big Apple two years ago, I purchased a 1947-1957 replica New York Giants cap — an effort to support my team without drawing a lot of attention to myself. I've worn the hat so much that I decided to buy another New York Giants cap, this one modeled after a version from the 1941 season. (The Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958.)

Back when I got the first one, I worried that I was selling out by touting an NY logo. Well, this latest hat is probably even worse. It doesn't have modern Giants colors and could easily be mistaken for a nontraditional Mets hat.

Here's one I didn't buy: the 1914 version, which really just looks like a Yankees cap. (I'd rather be mistaken for a Mets fan than a Yankees supporter any day.)

Fortunately, I still have plenty of regular San Francisco Giants caps in my arsenal — as I demonstrated in possibly the lamest Vine of all time.

Kelly has instituted a buy-a-new-hat, throw-out-an-old-one policy, but I'm hoping I can hang on to most of these for a little while longer.