Monday, August 11, 2014

Yes, Three Kids Can Fit in a Sedan

When we went on a family road trip last summer, I complained about the paucity of non-minivan vehicles that can fit three car seats.

Well, this year we did the same trip to Maine, and it was basically impossible to find any minivans or SUVs to rent anywhere in New York City. So we wound up with a Chevy Impala.

That meant we finally put the question to the test: Can three small kids fit comfortably in a sedan for a long car ride?

It was a bit snug getting three seats in the back (Elliot had to squeeze into the middle because he has a booster seat that takes up slightly less room). But we did it.

So don't let anyone tell you that having three kids means you must get an SUV or van.

Full disclosure: There's no room for any pets (even a goldfish would have been a deal-breaker). The kid in the middle may throw up — something we learned firsthand (the lack of window access is a drawback). And your children will most definitely be ready to murder one another by the end of the trip.

But it can be done...

Okay, fine. Just get the minivan.