Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Sign You're Old: Your Favorite Gifts Are Homemade

I had another birthday come and go this week. Though I'm getting less eager to mark these occasions, the kids are compensating by becoming more enthusiastic than ever.

"IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, DADDY!" Alice shouted in the morning. She could barely contain her excitement about a secret dessert they were making for me that night. Elliot tried to shush her to preserve the surprise, but Alice is pretty much unshushable.

After I went to work for the day, the kids prepared gifts: Elliot created a story about a boy and his dad at the beach, and Alice made this hair-raising drawing.

(I also received some very nice non-homemade presents, including a money clip and an iPad pillow, but it's hard to compete with the kids' gifts.)

When I got home that night, we had pizza for dinner and the much-vaunted dessert: an ice-cream cake.

I'm sure the kids got some help from their mom, but it's pretty ingenious. The bottom layer is made out of ice-cream sandwiches. (That probably means it can't be melted.)

Now if only the kids could build me a new laptop.