Thursday, July 03, 2014

Apparently the Second Amendment Also Applies to Nerf Guns

While at Stone Mountain, we took the kids to an indoor activity area that had hundreds of small foam balls flying around the room.

The idea was to scoop up the Nerf-like balls and put them in pneumatic tubes or use them to play games. The kids also had fun just letting the balls rain down on them.

There were only two rules: No running and no throwing the balls.

That made sense, I thought. You don't want kids hurling projectiles at one another, even if the balls were pretty soft and harmless.

Then I got to the second floor, where there was a row of machine guns set up to blast the balls at hapless victims down below.

Welcome to the South, where the right to bear arms shall not be infringed — even in a kids' activity center. But there's no problem restricting regular arms (the throwing kind).

The most alarming part: Our 3-year-old took to the machine gun with the enthusiasm of a Navy Seal sniper.