Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Safari in Georgia

It already feels like we're traveling with three wild animals, so going on a safari seems redundant. Still, everyone had a good time at the Wild Animal Safari, a 5-mile drive-thru tour of giraffes, rhinos and other animals in rural Georgia. (It's the South, so even the zoos are drive-thru.)

I have to admire the safari park's business model: They get their customer to feed the animals and even pay for the food.

The downside is some feeders aren't especially qualified, as you can see from Alice's 0-4 attempt to throw a pellet in a steer's mouth.

Things got precarious in the middle of our drive when our 5-year-old had to go to the bathroom. You're not allowed to leave the vehicle, so the poor guy had to handle his business from an open doorway. I assume this is how they handle it on the African plain.

In the end, the biggest challenge was dealing with all the slobber. This bison's tongue is going to haunt my dreams for some time.