Monday, December 10, 2012

This Intersection Is Twice Blessed

This is kind of old, but the Travel + Leisure site did a slideshow on the "World's Funniest Signs." (Thanks for the heads up, BuboBlog San Francisco correspondent George.)

One of the entries was "Stop...Hammertime," an old favorite that we've spotted in both Oakland and Berkeley.

Photo courtesy of Travel + Leisure.

But this one wasn't in the Bay Area. I googled the address (7300 West Franklin) and discovered it was in Los Angeles near West Hollywood.

The best part: The same intersection also has a "Stop...Collaborate and Listen" sign. (Thanks, Google Street View!)

If only someone could take care of this four-way stop's other two stops signs, it would be the GREATEST INTERSECTION OF ALL TIME.

My suggestions: this...

Courtesy of danmartell on Twitter/Instagram.

...and this.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

C'mon, Los Angeles. Let's do this.