Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Seven Days of Christmas

I've written before about the Empire State Building's lights and our family's fixation on them. Currently, the building is lit up for Christmas and will stay that way until Dec. 27.

The lights will commemorate Christmas for seven straight days, which is better than the treatment Hanukkah got  despite the fact that it lasts eight days.

The building was lit up in Hanukkah colors for the first two nights of the holiday. Then it switched over to honoring Human Rights Day, the Nobel Peace Prize, Hurricane Sandy relief and the Ryder Cup (??) before finishing with three more Hanukkah days.

I was OK with celebrating human rights and Sandy relief, but the Ryder Cup? I did a little checking, and the Ryder Cup was held in Illinois in September and AMERICA LOST.

We probably shouldn't be commemorating that.

UPDATE: It turns out the lights switched back to Christmas colors on Dec. 29, and they'll stay that way until Epiphany on Jan. 6. So that's a total of 18 days.

The reason for the interruption: The building was lit up in Syracuse and West Virginia University colors on Dec. 28 to celebrate the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, an event held at Yankee Stadium.

Nothing says the holidays like, "New Era Pinstripe Bowl."