Thursday, November 22, 2012

These Kids Aren't Great With Pop-Culture References

On Wednesday we took the children to see the preparations for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the Upper West Side. It turns out that taking three small kids on a nighttime excursion is beyond our capabilities.

We almost gave up on this whole parenting thing at the 50th Street C train station, where we couldn't figure out how to take an uptown train. Lucy was screaming to be fed, Alice began practicing her dance moves on the platform, and Elliot announced he had to poop.

Even so, I was excited to venture into the Upper West Side. This was my first time there since moving to New York seven months ago. It shows how hard it is for me to travel more than a mile in any direction from our Roosevelt Island/Midtown East home base. (So weird, you guys, the Upper West Side has the same street names as we do on the East Side!)

I can't say I recommend watching the parade preparations themselves, since the scene was absolutely mobbed. (Maybe we arrived at the busiest time.) We had to fight our way through a massive crowd just to get to the floats, and after that we encountered a slow-moving group of rubberneckers.

Our kids also might have been a little young to appreciate the whole thing.

Elliot identified this float as "the Mad Hatter"...

Uncle Sam

...this one as "the Hulk"...

Kermit the Frog

...and Alice called this one "Meow." (Actually, that was pretty close.)

Hello Kitty

Elliot did immediately recognize Spider-Man, his favorite super hero. I think it helps that Spider-Man is so closely identified with New York City, Elliot's beloved new home.

Elliot in front of Spider-Man

If I ever need to reactivate his Bay Area loyalty, I'll point out that the X-Men did move from New York to San Francisco.