Saturday, November 24, 2012

Roosevelt Island Now Served by Two Kinds of Subway

Roosevelt Island first got subway service in 1989, following the construction of the 63rd Street Line between Midtown and Queens.

The change made it a lot more convenient to visit the island and increased its appeal as a residential neighborhood. (Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year our apartment building was constructed.) When it's not down for maintenance, the F subway line will take you all the way from Roosevelt Island to Coney Island in Brooklyn.

But until recently, Roosevelt Island didn't have the other kind of Subway. That put the island in the awkward position of having decent transit options but no transit-themed restaurants.

Well, that all changed last month. After 23 years of waiting, the first Subway sandwich shop opened on Roosevelt Island.

No one is more excited than our 4-year-old, who recommends Subway to anyone who will listen. I think he believes it's a charming delicatessen that he discovered (Elliot is unaware it's the largest fast-food chain on Earth).

Subway is also the only place where Elliot is allowed to eat Doritos (sometimes).

Today he sincerely informed us, "Doritos are my favorite kind of chip because cheese is my favorite food and Doritos have cheese on them."

That's sound reasoning...if you accept that the orange stuff is in fact cheese.