Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everybody Be Tram Surfing

One of the most amazing parts of riding the Roosevelt Island Tramway every day: seeing the derring-do of the maintenance crew.

Workers will show up when the tram is at the station, climb a ladder that leads to a hatch in the ceiling of the cabin, and then STAY UP THERE while the tram takes off.

Here's a picture of one of these fellows. I often see them standing, but this one is just chilling out.

Photo courtesy of Kelly.

Consider that the tram rises 230 feet above the East River and Midtown Manhattan. That's about the same height as the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kelly has even seen the workers shinnying up and down the cables like some kind of high-wire act. We think they're training to rescue passengers if the tram ever gets stuck, something that famously happened in 2006. (The system was renovated in 2010 to make it more reliable.)

Spider-Man also has performed some aerobatics around the tram, though he had the help of CGI.