Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Socially Acceptable Way to Wear Diapers

There's been some controversy lately about people who dress their babies to look like adults. Jessica Simpson, for one, drew criticism a couple months ago for putting her infant in a bikini.

Well, what about adults dressing like babies?

That's the idea behind Evian's current marketing campaign, which features baby T-shirts as part of a "live young" message. Note: They aren't T-shirts for babies; they're shirts that make you look like a baby.

I came across this display in the window of a Manhattan drugstore.

You also can buy the shirts at the Fred Flare site.

Now, I haven't actually seen someone on the street with one of these shirts, but they are eye-catching.

Given our youth-obsessed culture, I suppose we should take it to the next level and dress as zygotes.

Less cute?