Monday, September 17, 2012

When Nature Calls, and a Cop Answers

One of the hardest things about taking kids on urban adventures: the bathroom breaks.

It's difficult to plan ahead because a small child doesn't tell you he has to pee. Until the moment he HAS TO PEE.

When one of these emergencies strikes and you're standing in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, you only really have one option: direct your kid toward a bush, tree or curb and hope people don't complain.

So I sympathize with this mom in Philadelphia, who received a ticket when her son relieved himself in public.

From the Huffington Post:
A Philadelphia mother is outraged over receiving a $50 ticket and a parenting lecture by a police officer after her 2-year-old son peed on the sidewalk.  
Caroline Robboy was out with her family on Sunday when her kids, ages 9 and 2, had to use the bathroom. After being refused restroom access at a clothing store, 2-year-old Nathaniel, who is still being potty trained, couldn't hold it any longer.  
The boy took relief into his own hands and peed on a nearby lamp post. NBC Philadelphia reports that Robboy tried to "redirect" her son to a grassy patch, but a police officer wrote her a ticket for public urination.

I'm not sure the part about how he's "still being potty trained" is relevant.

Potty training teaches kids not to pee in their pants. It doesn't teach them not to pee on a perfectly good lamp post.