Monday, September 10, 2012

'666 Park Avenue': Fact vs. Fiction

I've been seeing ads on the subway for a new ABC show called "666 Park Avenue."

The series depicts a young, good-looking couple who make a Faustian bargain for a great apartment on the Upper East Side. (They're told that the previous tenant "moved someplace warmer." Get it?)

According to Wikipedia, "the elaborate Beaux-Arts building featured as 666 Park Avenue on the fashionable Upper East Side of Manhattan and called 'The Drake' in the series is an actual apartment building, The Ansonia, located on the less fashionable Upper West Side of the city."

Hang on, the Upper West Side is less fashionable? Because I've always been given the opposite impression.

In any case, if you do a Google Street View search for the real 666 Park Avenue, this is what you'll see.

Doesn't seem very fashionable to me.