Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New York vs. San Francisco: Dining Al Fresco

I complain about East Coast weather a lot, but it does allow you to do something that's near-impossible in San Francisco: eat outside at night (without heat lamps).

The humidity traps the heat in the air, so you can sit outside long after dark and be perfectly comfortable in short sleeves. (Note: Do not attempt this outside of New York City or you'll be devoured by insects.)

Over the weekend we had a perfectly pleasant meal in the outdoor area of the Riverwalk Bar & Grill, our favorite restaurant on Roosevelt Island. But while we were dining, I was reminded of the hazard of eating while surrounded by New York fauna.

The city's pigeons have no fear whatsoever. They see you have food and will take it.

We had nasty pigeons in S.F., of course (seagulls too), but not like this. I'm pretty sure someone is breeding "Hunger Games"-style muttations and releasing them in the five boroughs. Perhaps this is the first step to the Capitol's rise to power?

It's not just pigeons either. I've seen squirrels hop into strollers and start tearing through diaper bags in search of food.

I guess we all gotta eat. But I'd rather not turn dinner into "Wild Kingdom."