Sunday, August 26, 2012

'High' Expectations

Local blogger Jeremiah Moss wrote a New York Times op-ed last week about how the High Line is destroying Chelsea.

As you recall, we liked the High Line, though I don't have an authoritative opinion on the matter  in that I probably couldn't identify Chelsea on a map before a few months ago. (It still might be a struggle.)

I do know the High Line has destroyed my children's ability to be impressed by parks.

This weekend I tried to take the kids to Forest Park in Queens.

"Where are we going, Daddy?"

"We're going someplace we haven't been before, a special park."

"Is it in the air?"


"How high is it?"

"Oh, you mean? . . . No. It's just on the ground."

"How is it special?"

"Well, the website said it was the third-largest park in Queens."


"Forget it. We'll just go to the library."