Thursday, July 26, 2012

Am I Selling Out?

On weekends I often like to wear my San Francisco Giants cap around town. But whereas the hat allowed me to blend in with my surroundings in the Bay Area, it can become the source of unwanted conversation here in New York.

"San Francisco?" said a man on 59th Street. "Wha?" (His tone when uttering "San Francisco" suggested it had no right to exist as either a municipality or baseball team.)

Sometimes I don't really want to deal with people. So I found something that lets me camouflage myself while still supporting my team: a New York Giants cap.

Courtesy of the site, this is a replica hat from before the team moved to San Francisco in 1957 (they used to play at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan).

You almost have to do a double-take before you realize it's not a regular Giants cap. The risk, of course, is that New Yorkers will think I'm wearing one of those creatively colored Mets or Yankees hats. This CANNOT happen.