Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't Get Up on My Account

Almost four years ago, I wrote about Kelly's experiences riding Bay Area transit as a pregnant woman.

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At the time, I was surprised to find that men were less likely to give up their seats for her than women.
I would figure men would be more likely because (a) they have some lingering sense of chivalry (b) women usually keep to themselves and avoid eye contact on transit because there are a lot of scary people who will try to talk to them. 
Among the male population, Latino men are the most likely to give up their seats for her. 
Maybe it's just that white men are afraid of insinuating that she's fat. If so, I applaud their sensitivity!
We're now seeing this same scenario play out in New York. In fact, New Yorkers seem even less inclined than San Franciscans to give up their seats.

It's amazing to watch Kelly get on the subway or tram and actually see people elbow her aside to grab an empty seat. (And it's pretty hard to ignore the fact that she's pregnant these days. The fetus would have to pop out and slap someone for it to be more obvious.)

Kelly says white guys in suits are still the worst. But when we were riding the E train this morning, I saw a broad cross section of the population ignoring her. (In fairness, most of the young men looked pretty hung-over.) Finally, a Latino man offered up his seat.

One bright spot: She's never been turned away from a cab in New York. You'll recall that a taxi driver in San Francisco almost refused to drive her somewhere out of fear that she'd give birth in the car ("I'm no hero" was his position). But we may put this to the test in New York as we get closer to the due date.