Saturday, May 26, 2012

Island Living

After a month in temporary housing, we're now settled in a new apartment. We're living on Roosevelt Island, a place that was largely unknown to me before we moved to New York.

Looking north at Roosevelt Island.

For the uninitiated, it's a sliver of land situated in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. There's no bridge from Manhattan, so you have to take the subway or a tram (a charming red gondola that soars above the Queensboro Bridge).

Coming from Manhattan.

It's in the borough of Manhattan, though I can't imagine any real Manhattan dweller promoting this fact. You see, Roosevelt Island seems pretty uncool by New York standards. The smattering of restaurants and shops on the island aren't very hip, and there's not a lot to do.

Elliot enjoys the view from the tram.

That is, unless you're a small child, and then it seems nearly ideal. The island has a ton of open space, with plenty of playgrounds and greenery. Since it's hard to get a car here, there also isn't much traffic. Elliot and Alice have a blast running around the paths and grassy knolls.

The population is only about 10,000 residents, making it a similar to Capitola. (If Capitola were in the middle of New York City.)

And because we're just across the river from Manhattan, the views are amazing.

The sight from our living room.

Mostly I like living here because I can do my bad Jamaican accent: "Welcome to the island, mon."

Let's ignore the fact that living on an island in New York City is not especially unique, in that Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are all on islands.

At least I can feel superior to the Bronx.