Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Island Prisons Revisited: Rikers Island

Back in 2010, I compiled a list of the greatest island prisons ever depicted on screen — from Shutter Island to the Erehwon penitentiary in "Face/Off."

At the time I noted that Rikers Island (situated in between the Bronx and Queens) wasn't picturesque enough to be featured in many movies, as you can see from the photo here.

The various "Law & Order" shows often have scenes at the prison, which holds offenders awaiting trial. But they never show the outside of the facility.

So I was excited to see the ABC drama "Revenge" feature Rikers Island, complete with an attractive establishing shot. (I snapped this of the TV using a phone, so forgive the poor quality.)

It actually looks kind of cool. It's still no Alcatraz, of course, but cool.

According to "Revenge," Rikers also has a woefully unsecured shower facility. Watch out, guys!