Tuesday, November 01, 2005

R.I.P. Mac Dre

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of Mac Dre, the seminal Bay Area rapper who was gunned down in Kansas City.

It's a hip-hop cliche, but police have yet to solve his murder. Mac Dre (nee Andre Hicks) was riding in a van down Highway 71 at 3:30 a.m. on Nov. 1, 2004, when someone in a second vehicle fired at him. Police don't appear to have any concrete suspects.

Though he always had a core group of fans, Mac Dre was never a huge commercial success. But he wasn't afraid of supplementing his income with criminal activity. As a member of Vallejo's Romper Room gang, he robbed banks and pizza parlors in the early 1990s. Dre then spent five years in prison for conspiring to rob a bank in Fresno.

As some of you know, there's a huge Mac Dre mural on our block (Langton St). Click on this Web site to check it out. (Please wait for all the pictures to load, because the one where the three guys are posing in front of it is quite delightful).

And if you want to check out his music, KMEL is feting him today by playing some favorite tracks ("Feelin' Myself" perhaps being the best-known).