Monday, October 10, 2005

Sideshow Nick

I was thrilled and delighted yesterday to see an Oakland-style sideshow in my very own neighborhood!

A Jetta-driving impresario pulled into a parking lot at the end of Langton, started blasting music and doing some serious doughnuts. (Sadly, the music wasn't hip-hop and in fact was quite possibly "Sweet Child O Mine," which made it hard to pretend I had been transported to Oakland.)

I had to watch this by hanging out our window ("227"-style), so I couldn't really see too much. When I vowed to run down there and officially become a sideshow spectator, Kelly objected. Something about "not encouraging him." Then the whole thing ended abruptly.

Ah, but next time this happens, I will definitely be down there (avec boombox) to lend moral support -- and possibly suggest more appropriate music.