Monday, October 31, 2005

Real-Life Moe's

Friday night I went to a dark, divey bar in L.A. called the Fireside. The place wasn't especially memorable, but I learned today that it was the inspiration for Moe's Tavern in "The Simpsons"!

According to "Moe's Tavern is based on a real bar called Fireside. It is located near Loyola Marymount University where David Mirkin [a writer/producer on the show] went to college."

I wish I had known this when I was in the bar, because I would have explored it more thoroughly. But I guess the layout is roughly similar.

Sadly, there was no one like Moe there. In fact, all the bartenders were fairly young. One of them liked to juggle bottles "Cocktail"-style, and the other boasted about all the teen idols he used to roll with ("back in the day").

And they did not receive a single crank call the whole time (I know this because I was sitting across from the phone). Alas, life does not imitate art.