Monday, October 31, 2005

L.A. Radio

Just got back from a business trip to Los Angeles. As always, I was impressed by the dazzling array of cool radio stations in the City of Angels:

--The hip-hop variety is better (with such rap stalwarts as Power 106 and 99.1 FM). Big Boy is still doing the morning show on 106, with his distinctive cow bell, but I've heard he's lost a lot of weight (possibly due to stomach stapling) and is no longer so big.

--Unlike San Francisco, they have a country station (K-FROG).

--There are two classical stations, one commercial and one public. The commercial station -- K-Mozart -- is nearly as cheesy as our own KDFC, but in a different way. Rather than playing Baroque white noise, they load up on Romantic and post-Romantic's kind of what I think classical stations probably sounded like in the '50s and '60s. Old school.

--I was perhaps most delighted by a new station called Latino 96.3. Instead of the usual Romantica you hear on Spanish stations, they focus on Latino hip-hop tracks. (You definitely won't hear this stuff in the Bay Area.) And the DJs speak English (mostly). What's really fascinating about this station is I think it replaced a Spanish-language station. It really shows the progress L.A. is making in transforming Spanish-speaking immigrants into English-speaking urban thugs. Bravo!

Shockingly, none of the people at our L.A. office had even heard of Latino 96.3!! They clearly don't appreciate their own good fortune.