Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Pictures

Kelly posted a bunch of wedding shots on this site. All in all, a nice bunch of photos.

Here are a few samples (you can click on them to make them bigger)...

Kelly's train.

Here's us "keeping it real" by posing in front of the Bay Bridge -- and not the Golden Gate.

Those flasks contain actual brandy.

Father-son moment.

Here's the whole wedding party, in front of "Cupid's Span."

Anti-social French smokers.

Walking mom down the aisle.

After the ceremony...

We look at danger and we laugh our heads off.

Would Rick make a speech that actually mentions prostitutes? Why yes, he would.

More cringing during Mike's speech.

Kelly gets misty-eyed at the mention of malt liquor.

Our table.

The "spaz" table.

I believe Gloria Estefan had this couple in mind when she said, "The rhythm is gonna get you."

My ill-fated attempt to dip Kelly. (Actually, it doesn't look so bad here. Hopefully no one remembers the truth.)

Here the photographer uses a special effect to make it seem like there was actual dancing going on.

I'm pretty sure the ink on those cards was toxic.

Dylan recreates a scene from the Abu Ghraib prison.

The inevitable pinata-on-head moment.

Haverford in the haverhouse.

I don't recall what happened here, which is probably just as well.