Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kelly, Blogger

Kelly, who writes occasional entries for the Macworld editors' blog, had an interesting piece yesterday on her experience finding a wedding photographer. (I say "her experience" and not "our experience," since I was not consulted too much during the process — in fact, I wanted to hire the guy who made the bride look like a scary plastic doll!)

Kelly's main point is that most wedding photographers are not making a smooth transition to digital. Few of them are willing to just give you the digital images, since they make most of their money making prints for you — at inflated prices.

I thought the piece was right on, but it's already stirred up some serious ire among wedding photographers. Some say that digital photography is still inferior to film, while others say they have to charge a lot for prints in order to make a living.

I say, give me a break, wedding photographer prices are OUTRAGEOUS. And if most of them have to go out of business (or, more likely, just do it on a part-time basis), that's called progress. I remember another group that did a lot of the same kind of carping — they were called buggy whip salesmen.