Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mr. Roadshow

I had a brief quote in today's Mr. Roadshow column (a Q&A feature in the Mercury News that examines highway issues).

Earlier this week, some hybrid owners were complaining that they would have to get FasTrak transponders in order to ride in carpool lanes. Since I'm continually amazed by people's refusal to get FasTrak (especially people crossing the Bay Bridge on weekends), I felt compelled to write in.

Anyway, my quote is sandwiched in with a string of comments in the second-to-last question of the column.

Here was my full statement (which I guess in retrospect was a little acerbic):
Who are these knuckle-dragging troglodytes who refuse to get FasTrak? Get with the 21st century, people! Nothing steams me more than getting stuck in Bay Bridge traffic, trying to maneuver over to the FasTrak lane (which is invariably empty), while all these non-FasTrak-using morons clog the toll plaza.

And you know what? I'll bet most of those people sitting in traffic thought to themselves, "I don't need FasTrak — I never take bridges."

If you live in the Bay Area (notice how "bay" is in the name; therefore, "bridges"), you need FasTrak. I don't care if you only cross a bridge once a year, get the damn transponder. It's not that hard. The $40 is just a deposit, so you'll get it back if you don't use it. Consider it an investment in not being an idiot.