Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Freaky Alternate Universe

A few weeks ago I was leafing through Sunset magazine (I was at home in Santa Cruz; I don't read that publication under normal circumstances) and noticed a weird Acura ad. It showed what looked like the San Francisco skyline, but there was no Transamerica Pyramid. And there were a number of other buildings pictured that don't exist in real life. I chalked it up to Acura trying to show a more generic city.

But apparently there's a more sinister side to the story, which I learned today while reading Leah Garchik's "gossip" column in the Chron. Transamerica feels the image of its building is a registered trademark (it appears on their logo) and I guess they don't want it used without their permission.

Seriously, that's ridiculous. What if Chrysler refused to allow the Chrysler building in New York to be shown without compensation, or the Sears Tower in Chicago? Someone needs to smack Transamerica with a large flounder.