Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Victory At Last

Hooray! After multiple delivery attempts, we were finally able to get a couch into our apartment yesterday. The problem was the first set of stairs, which have a low ceiling and a tight bend. We had to remove the railing and a light fixture to get the couch to fit.

I felt a little bad for the delivery guys. They were cheering when they finally rounded the first corner but I had to tell them they had another flight of stairs to climb -- and then another flight after that.

One of the guys complained that the place was like a house in Amsterdam. I thought maybe he meant that the air was thick with "ganja" smoke. But actually it was on account of the building's vertical nature.

Anyway, we now have a foldout sleeper couch in our guest room. Unfortunately, there are too many boxes stacked in the room to actually fold out the bed. But people are welcome to sleep on the couch.