Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Setback

The quest to have more pot clubs than Starbucks in San Francisco suffered a blow yesterday. Federal law enforcement raided three pot clubs, ostensibly putting them out of business. And in fact, the city attorney's office now says there may only be 35 storefront pot dispenseries (though there are more that operate on an appointment-only basis or via delivery). Meanwhile, no Starbucks has been raided by federal authorities -- to my knowledge.

The heartening thing is, the pot clubs weren't shut down because they dispensed marijuana. Law enforcement officials said it was because the clubs were acting as fronts for organized crime. me crazy, but if you want to launder money from organized crime, is it really a good idea to use a pot club? Whatever happened to waste management firms or those Italian restaurants that never have any customers. Were they like,
"We have all this money that we obtained illegally. Whatever should we do?"
"I know. Let's get rid of it by opening a high-profile business that the federal government considers illegal."
"Good show, chap. Proceed."