Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Here We Go Again

There's a restaurant space near our apartment that's become the Bermuda Triangle of restaurant locations. Everything that opens there seems to close almost immediately.

At one point it was a Max's Diamond Grill, then it became Vixi's (which I thought had a lot of potential, but it quickly vanished). The spot is across from SBC Park, so you would think it would do OK — at least during baseball season -- but no one can make it work. (Momo's, which is next door, seems to do very well all year round... but we heard recently from a local barkeep that they fired their veteran bar staff and that the service there may soon suffer.)

Anyway, the latest plan is to open Kingfish there. Apparently this is a popular seafood restaurant in San Mateo with "New Orleans flair." Sounds kinda cheesy -- the walls are decorated with folk art — but I wish them luck.