Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What Up, Homie

So I probably shouldn't jinx this by posting it on the blog, but it looks like we're going to be buying a home!

We made an offer on a place yesterday, and they accepted. So unless there are some big problems with inspections, it looks like a done deal. The place is South of Market, around 7th and Folsom, about eight or nine blocks from where we live now. We had been looking mainly at lofts, so it's a bit surprising what we ended up with. It's a three-level condo in a small building (only three other units) that dates to 1906. Even more surprising: There are two bedrooms!!

The only negatives are that there's no parking space and there are tenants currently living in the place (but they supposedly plan to move soon). And the neighborhood might be regarded by some as "sketchy" and "graffiti-strewn"...I prefer to think of it as condusive to my thug appeal.

Anyway, here are pictures with commentary by Kelly.