Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How We Do

For those of you who get your hip-hop-violence news exclusively from this site, here's the story: 50 Cent announced Monday on Hot 97 (a New York radio station that caters to hip-hop) that he was severing ties with The Game, his former protege. Apparently The Game refuses to take 50's side in the rapper's feuds with Nas and Jadakiss.

The Game's entourage immediately went to the radio station to confront 50, and gunplay ensued. A member of The Game's group was shot (luckily, he was only wounded).

All this smacks of a publicity stunt, since 50's album is due to drop this week. Now I have no problem with that. But in the old days, 50 Cent or The Game would get shot themselves (total combined bullet wounds: 14).

These days, members of the entourage have to take the bullet. (And I can only assume the guy who got shot was a generic crew member who nobody remembers seeing before.) It's a sad state of affairs.