Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"24" Problems

It's interesting that today's Bizarro comic strip should poke fun of "24," because the show has really been stretching credulity lately. For those of you who don't watch, each episode takes place in real time, so an hour on screen is exactly an hour in the life of the characters. (In the Bizarro strip, a promo for "24" announces that Jack Bauer gets caught in traffic and the plot cannot be advanced that week.)

In last night's episode, Michelle persuades Chloe to return to CTU (Chloe had been the most annoying character on the show -- that is, until CTU Director Driscoll's autistic daughter took on that role, but she mercifully killed herself). Anyway, so Michelle does this just before the commercial break. And then after the break, Chloe is already back at CTU. What the heck?? Even if she lived across the street, this seems unlikely.

I'm willing to accept the implausible action scenes -- like Jack taking out a team of commandos with a camping fork. But the show should at least abide by the real-time constraints!