Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Life Imitating "Art"

I love this story in the Chron today because it gives you a glimpse of what the fallout to an action-movie police chase would be like in real life.

It seems SFPD Lt. Joe Dutto pursued a stolen car around San Francisco, reaching speeds of 100 mph until he flipped his car down an embankment and almost rolled it into the bay (totaling the $40,000 cruiser). And he didn't even catch the guy. To make matters worse, he has asked to call off the chase at least twice and ignored the requests.

Apparently this guy is pretty awesome in general -- at least in a loose-cannon kind of way. I like the quote from one of Dutto's superiors: "He's like talking to a fire hydrant."

To complete this movie cliche, I hope the police chief called him into his office, drew the blinds, said he was a "disgrace to the department" and pulled him off the case. And then the lieutenant was forced to pursue the case on his own (with the help of a shapely blonde). Unfortunately, action-movie police chiefs are always black men...I'm not sure the SFPD's real chief Heather Fong would really fill the bill.