Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mission Bay Writeup

Today's SF Chron has a critique of the burgeoning Mission Bay neighborhoood (my hood) by their architecture guru. I found it to be tough but fair. Basically he says the neighborhood doesn't have a lot of character now, but that the groundwork is there for it to be cool in the future:
"Even today, a so-so December afternoon, the outdoor tables at Amici's are filled with workers from nearby buildings. A woman is walking her dog in the median-like lawn between the two flanks of Mission Place. From my waterside perch, I see a bicycle in one window of the condominium building behind me, a wreath in another.

People are starting to settle in -- and because the city requires that 25 percent of the planned 6,000 housing units be built by nonprofit developers (such as the subsidized senior housing), not everyone will be yuppies or empty nesters."

Indeed. I was just telling Kelly the other day that we need more senior citizens in our neighborhood. I'm tired of not having to wait to use the ATM.