Friday, October 08, 2004

Restaurant Saga Continues...

There's this restaurant space in our neighborhood (at 2nd and Brannan) that can't seem to actually become a restaurant. It's too bad because it has an eye-catching rusted-iron exterior and could be kinda cool if it ever opens.

Anyway, in its last incarnation it opened for like a week as TwoB until some internal conflict shut it down. The PlumpJack Group -- Gavin Newsom's old pals -- took over the place and were supposed to be finished redesigning it a few months ago.

But according to this blurb in the Chronicle's "The Inside Scoop" column (fifth item), it was left abandoned for several months and homeless people were living inside. (Hmmm... this sounds like an affordable wedding reception venue!!)

Anyway, construction is now under way again and the place should reopen as "Jack Falstaff" by late November. PlumpJack's James Ormsby will serve as chef.