Friday, October 15, 2004

Item: Gas Prices Are High

I first started taking Caltrain to work back in 2002 when we moved within walking distance of the train station. In the beginning it was an issue of freeing up my time, since I could read/write/whatever on the train instead of being stuck behind the wheel in traffic.

But thanks to the spike in gas prices, Caltrain is also saving me a ton of money! In the old days the cost was roughly equivalent to drive vs. taking the train. Now with gas at $2.39-plus a gallon, it costs about $4.84 each way to commute to work. On the train, it's $3.39. That saves me more than $100 a month! (And I didn't even factor in depreciation and car maintenance.)

Of course, if gas prices stay high, Caltrain will likely have to raise fares. For now, life is good.