Monday, October 25, 2004

Ha Ha...

Over the weekend Kelly and I were watching the new Ashlee Simpson video "Shadow," in which she demonstrates the enormous differences between her and her sister, Jessica. For instance, she is totally rockin' and not concerned about her looks: witness her non-blond hair and non-rhinoplastied nose. (The guys in her backup band also seems determined to show the world how much they rock, despite the fact that they are, uh, Ashlee Simpson's backup band!)

Anyway, so the fact that she's so determined to prove how un-superficial she is makes Saturday's incident all the more humorous. Apparently she was set to perform "Autobiography" on Saturday Night Live, but they accidentally played the vocal track to "Pieces of Me" -- showing the world that she is a superficial lip-syncher just like her sister! Ha, she may as well fix her nose now (it is a little weird-looking, no?).