Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Debate Drinking Game

I pieced together a drinking game for the debate last Friday, and it seemed to work pretty well. (There were already a few debate drinking games online, but none seemed all that great, so I tried to craft my own.) Anyway, there's still one debate left, so give it a whirl:

Drink once if Bush:
Mispronounces/misuses a word
Pauses for an uncomfortably long period
Says “Flip-Flop”
Mentions Texas
Makes joke; only he laughs

Drink twice if Bush:
Says “Nuke-u-leur”
Talks about hard work of being president
Talks about anyone “hating freedom”
Winks at audience

Drink once if Kerry:
Says “Wrong”
Says “American people”
Mentions Halliburton
Uses an awkward hand gesture
Says “Fair Share”
Says “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Drink twice if Kerry:
Says that “W stands for Wrong”
Alludes to his service in Vietnam
Says “WMDs”
Mentions killing

Drink once if either candidate:
Mentions Sept. 11
Mentions an ordinary American by name
Blames the media
Uses a sports metaphor
Mentions his wife
Looks at the wrong camera
Says that he’s glad a question was asked
Snickers or grunts during the other candidates answer
Uses name of question-asker in his response
Goes well over his time limit
Interrupts the other
Says “brave men and women fighting in...”