Monday, August 31, 2015

New York Is Getting More Expensive (for Baseball Fans)

Ever since we moved to New York, I've taken Elliot to a Mets game once a year. And every year, I've had a strategy: Wait until September — when the team's prospects are hopeless — and then buy tickets on the cheap.

Well, that strategy failed miserably this season. The team is in first place, and getting tickets to a weekend game is no easy feat. I had to pay three times as much as normal to see them play on Sunday (it didn't help that they were hosting the Red Sox, which drew a larger-than-typical crowd).

Our tickets were in the last row at the very top of the right-field seats. But I learned a couple things from sitting in the nosebleeds: (a.) Like AT&T Park and other modern baseball stadiums, Citi Field really has no bad seats. (b.) A nice breeze blows through when you're sitting with your back to the open air.

Alice joined us this time, and she was excited to get her first taste of professional baseball ("taste" is the operative word here since mostly it was the food she was excited about).

We started off with a bag of peanuts. I told the kids this was the only time they were allowed to litter, which made it seem pretty thrilling. But Alice couldn't manage to crack the shells without help. Soon she realized that the shells were salted and began licking them without actually eating the nuts (this sort of thing is a running theme in our family).

Later on, the kids moved on to another venerable tradition: eating ice cream out of mini batting helmets.

Alice did her best, but she couldn't manage to consume the ice cream fast enough to keep it from overflowing. Helmets may not be the most practical container for a 4-year-old.

Finally, Alice wanted a baseball cap. At this point, I've made peace with the kids sporting Mets merchandise (even though I'm still a loyal Giants supporter). But I at least tried to steer Alice away from the pink section.

I was unsuccessful.