Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fun and Games Circa 2015

While we were in Atlanta, we got a chance to visit a bowling alley and arcade.

That's where I was introduced to this thing.

After the bowling alley's employees saw our kids, they asked if we wanted bumpers and "the ramp." I knew what bumpers were, but the ramp was new to me.

Maybe this existed when we were growing up, but I certainly never saw one. It makes you wonder if it's contributing to the younger generation's sense of entitlement — bowling is easy! (Actually, it's still hard to get a strike with the ramp.)

I made more discoveries as I entered the arcade. There is now a game that teaches kids how to play beer pong.

I'm in favor of young people becoming comfortable around alcohol so they don't overimbibe later, but this takes early education to an extreme degree.

I think I would prefer a game that teaches you how to play "Cups." That would be a little more wholesome (even if it risks introducing kids to a capella, a far more dangerous influence on college campuses).

After that, I was pleased to see the arcade had one of my old favorites — Connect 4 — just on a much later scale.

Some games never go out of style.